protected environment

Discover our villas in a fully-protected environment, in the midst of the scrubland or in a village setting, making the most of exceptional locations.
The local stone-clad houses are completely free-standing, while offering the full range of Les Oliviers services.
You’ll be impressed by the facilities and level of comfort provided. The terraces and pools in some of the villas offer you a stay in total harmony with nature.
The interiors reflect former times, ensuring a delightful stay.


villa maquissurface area: 65m² – with private pool

villa isulasurface area: 130m² – with private pool

VILLA UMBRIAsurface area: 65m²

villa palombaggiasurface area : 95 m² – with private pool

villa carataggiasurface area : 65 m² – with private pool

villa U NIDUsurface area : 65 m² – with private pool