Enjoy the idyllic setting of the Domaine or the intimacy of your villa for a moment of sport or relaxation… Massage, Yoga, personnal training session, our partners are listening to your needs! And to discover the surroundings or to take the open sea, what could be better than a little ride with your electric bike or an afternoon at the beach withour inflatable paddle boards!



With Estelle discover a soft or dynamic practice, sensual and feline for an approach of the movement perfectly adapted to your desires and your capacities. A moment of joy and benevolence not to bemissed.

Véra will accompany you in a practice adapted to all, future mothers, beginners or experienced, let yourself be guided for a subtle YinYasa session, a mixture of letting go and intensity. A perfectly orchestrated discovery thanks to Vera’s passion.

Let yourself be transported by Carole and hergentleness, choose your practice and enjoy a moment in perfect harmony, you, nature, your sensations and the transmission of Carole who will offer you the most beautiful practice.

P E R S O N A L   T R A I N E R

plt coaching

Do you want to stay fit during your stay and continue to work towards your goals?

Maybe even set new ones?

At the gym, or at home, call on Pierre, our coach who will be happy to organise a personalised session adapted to your objectives!

Good mood and good woorkour guaranteed!

 E-B I K E S   &   P A D D L E  B O A R D

Our E-Bikes

Whish to go for a morning ride to enjoy the awakening scrubland, a deserted beach? Or simply a simple, ecological and fun way to discover the surroundings, our electric bikes are at your disposal! A simple call to the reception and they are yours.

Baby seat (max 11kg), helmets, reflective bracelet, anti-theft device and basket, everything is ready, all you have to do is pedal and the electric assistance will provide the greatest effort!

We wish you a nice walk!

Our Stand up paddle board

Take to the open sea with our Inflatable Paddle!

Sitting, kneeling, standing, alone or in pairs, with your Stand up paddle, bursts of laughter guaranteed from the biggest to the smallest!

A call to the reception, and everything is ready to be put in the trunk of your car, now it’s up to you to tame the turquoise waters of Palombaggia beach!