A gentle start to the day while enjoying a hearty breakfast delivered and set up on your private terrace table!

Bread and pastries, fruit salad prepared by us, honey and jam from the region, cottage cheese, fruit juice and of course, everything you need to prepare your favourite hot drink in the tranquillity of your outdoor kitchen.

P I C   N I C


A day out on the sea? Up in the mountains?

Book your gourmet basket to take with you to the high plateau of the Alta Rocca, or to a deserted cove…

Choose the place of the feast, you only have to savour it!

O U R    F A R M


A few steps from the Domaine, our goat farm and our bee farm produce the best of Corsica, products rich in passion and character.  Brocciu, Brocciu passu, farmcheese and honey from the maquis, to been joyed in all simplicity, by your swimming pool, facing the maquis or the sea, and then listen carefully … you may hear the tinkling of the bells of our gentle goats roaming the maquis in total carefreeness …

G R O C E R Y   L I S T   D E L I V E R Y


Arrive with a light mind, just put your luggage down and lay out your towel by your pool – your grocery shopping is already there!

Ask us for your shopping list, to be filled in and given to us before your arrival, your cupboards and fridges will be full when you arrive.

S A L O N S  &  B A R


A little refreshment? Our bar area offers you the best of our vineyards, local beer, flavoured water prepared by us everyday, as well as homemade fruit juices and of course, cheese and charcuterie from the region!