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Nice wald around the hotel – The hamlet of Pruna

Hidden in the maquis, close to Les Oliviers de Palombaggia, the tiny hamlet of Pruna offers exceptional and out of time scenery. Almost forgotten, this abandoned hamlet appears to you after a short hour walk punctuated with panoramic views of the Porto-Vecchio gulf. Its peculiar atmosphere will embrace you and accompany you during this encounter of another time.

Take a curious step through this labyrinth of old stones and traditional houses remains, they will with no doubts remind you of your villa at Les Oliviers de Palombaggia.

Enjoy this moment wandering there and imagine what was the life ouf our ancients, who a hundred years ago built this place from wood and stones, posted as a sentinel on the heights of Picovaggia.

This walk is easy and very accessible, just a few minutes away from our Suite and Villa, towards Porto-Vecchio, this time-travel hike is one of the many things to enjoy during your stay.

5 more electric bicycles are waiting for you this summer

Every year, Les Oliviers de Palombaggia Domain welcomes you in a magnificent setting.

An extraordinary natural environment in which our cottages, stone houses and our new Pool Suites are nestled to offer you an authentic and relaxing stay.

This summer, our guests will have the pleasure to ride effortlessly and in all serenity from our villas to the stunning bay of Palombaggia, or even to Porto-Vecchio thanks to our electric bikes.

For unforgettable family memories, with friends or only the two of you, 5 electric mountain bikes will be added to our existing fleet. Rechargeable with solar energy, our electric bikes will lead you along the wildest trail, towards the most secret beaches, enjoying a moment of complete peace and quiet, just the way we like it…

** Discover our NEW – POOL SUITES **

Close to the lovely citadel of Porto-Vecchio, at the crossroads of La Chiappa beach, the more secret Carataggia and the famous Palombaggia beach, built and nestled into the Corsican maquis, the Hotel Les Oliviers de Palombaggia**** unveils its various and charming Suite and Villas with pool, surrounded by peace and intimacy for the most authentic stay.

This year, 2019 brought us novelties; these new ones are dear to our heart and to the Hotel. Made of local dry stones, wood from our forest, they are the soul of our island. Between sea, earth & nature, come and enjoy a typical and warm holidays in our charming rural hotel.

To celebrate a rising love story, renew your vows or simply relax our new Suites with private pool will satisfy anyone wishing to unwind in a small piece of heaven, one-on-one with the nature.

Open the door to discover a delightful indoor atmosphere, an alliance between authenticity, raw material and design. Chestnut doors and granit wall, the house linen delicacy, take your time and enjoy each and every detail, deeply thought to offer you the most beautiful and comfortable stay.

Through your wrought iron glass door, inside and outside are blending to offer you one space bathed in a sweet Mediterranean light. The bedroom, living room, dressing and bathroom offering you the pleasure of an Italian shower as well as a gorgeous bathtub. Then, with intimacy and discretion, your outdoor bathroom is unveiling its charm. Your private terrace and outdoor kitchen are becoming the center of your Suite, inviting you to live “Al Fresco”.

Private heated swimming pool and sunbeds are waiting for you for a sweet day of farniente …

Hidden into the maquis, only the sea, your neighbor will dare to reveal your most precious holiday secrets…

Season 2019 is starting

Come entranced with the sweet spring smell of the maquis. The wind settles down, the bees steal, the birds sing, the sun cuddles us, the maquis takes on its most beautiful colors; it’s time !

The time to open the doors of the resort!

Less than 15 minutes from Porto-Vecchio, at the exit of the village of Piccovaggia, on the road to the beach of Palombaggia, nestled in the countryside, in the middle of olive trees, arbutus, … Residence Les Oliviers de Palombaggia awakens!

One by one, each of our villas is filled with this sweet spring agitation. The first rays of sunlight all of them. The wind envelops them with local scents and for their pleasure the beach of Palombaggia takes on its most beautiful colors.

The whole team of Oliviers de Palombaggia is busy getting rid of the winter coat!

Especially since 2019 sees new renovations appear: Suites with heated private pool. But hush … Let’s be patient and come to discover them for yourself …

We invite you to join us between tranquility and authenticity since 8 May 2019.

An Old Friend

After the village Piccovaggia, on the road to Palombaggia beach, hiden inisde the corsican maquis, the Résidence Les Oliviers de Palombaggia welcomes invariably, every day, an old friend.

He was here from the start, at every steps we made, for each new villa…

And today, he is our only witness of our last renovation : the new Pool Suites.

All year, he is playing with the trees, parfuming the air. He gives a voice to each of our villas and makes them talk, he knows all their outlines. The Wind delivers, every day, at very season, to each of our villas, to each of our guests, his melodies.

Every corsican people learn to live with him. How to read him, to feel him, knowing if he will be helpfull today or not.

The wind draws Corsica island and exposes for our best pleasure its true beauty and its secrets. He is responsible, in the same time, of the swell, the ocean current and of the sea level change at the cost. Palombaggia beach becomes one of this most beautifull masterpiece.

Belong the corsican costs, you will find different characters of the wind :
U LIBECCIO strong wind from West to South-West;
U MAESTRALE from North to North-West ;
A TRAMUNTANA from North to North-East, violent and cold wind;
U LEVANTE from East;
U GRECALE from East to North-East;
U SIROCCO from South to South-East, hot and humid wind.

The wind is his own Master. In the same time past, present and futur, he guides us, he told us about Corsica History, l’ïle de beauté.


Enjoy a romantic escape nestled into the Corsican maquis in one of our Suite with Private pool …

Benefit from our Special Offer:

FROM FREBRUARY 14th to 28th


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Brussels Holiday Fair !

Meet us at the Brussels Holiday Fair !

When it is grey and cold outside, it is time to bring the sun back, to think about unwinding and enjoying the Corsican way of life … Start planning your next stay and meet us at the Brussels holiday fair from February 7th to 10th.
Come and meet us to discover Les Oliviers de Palombaggia, for a family trip in one of our villa with private pool, a week of contemplation in a preserved nature or a romantic getaway in our new Suite with private heated pool…Our team will be delighted to welcome you and help you plan the most beautiful stay…

We look forward to seeing you and share a moment of conviviality…

Brussels Expo
Palais 4 – France – Stand 136
Place de Belgique 1

** Contact us to get your free invitation **

See you soon !

Christmas in Corsica – The Christmas’ tales…

Corsica is a mysterious island made of tradition and generosity, so what better period could describe it than Christmas? It is under the summer sun that you have left your villa at Les Oliviers de Palombaggia in Porto –Vecchio, but it is the story of our island in winter that we will tell you …

In Corsica, children and grownups enjoy the Holiday traditions; however the “7 evenings” tradition is very much popular with children. The custom wants that the week before Christmas the children of the village gather in small groups and pay a visit to 7 families, each evening a different family. Children bring a log to be burned in the fireplace, around which they will share tales and stories with their host alongside a good laugh and eating delicious Frappe and Canistrelli…
On Christmas’ eve, do not forget to take care of your guest by putting one log per guest in the fireplace, thus giving them all a good health for the year to come…
From the residence and its stone houses, Les Oliviers de Palombaggia’s team wishes you a wonderful Christmas made of conviviality and sweet moments…

Bon Natale a tutti !
Merry Christmas !

Christmas in Corsica – L’ochju . . .

Corsica is a mysterious island made of tradition and generosity, so what better period could describe it than Christmas?  It is under the summer sun that you have left your villa at Les Oliviers de Palombaggia in Porto –Vecchio, but it is the story of our island in winter that we will tell you …

In addition of being good eaters, Corsican are superstitious, traditions and rituals are numerous as December 24th approaches. The best known of all, and probably one of the most important as well, is “the ochju”, means “evil eye” or bad luck… Few of us have the power to ward off this spell. Indeed the ritual is learned only on Christmas’ eve and is passed from generation to generation, traditionally from grandmother to granddaughter.
If there are many different beliefs and way of doing it, all are meant to protect you from jealous people and negative thoughts. To help you with that, there is something as beautiful as powerful that you may find…Perhaps while walking on the fine white sand of Palombaggia beach you will have the luck to find an “oeil de sainte lucie”. This small shell with soft colors, white with a brown twirling line, will be a wonderful holiday souvenir and a powerful lucky charm that will protect you from the “ochju”, this one is a keeper…

Christmas in Corsica

Corsica is a mysterious island made of tradition and generosity, so what better period could describe it than Christmas? It is under the summer sun that you have left your villa at Les Oliviers de Palombaggia in Porto –Vecchio, but it is the story of our island in winter that we will tell you …

Around the 24th and 25th of December a very special atmosphere comes to invade the Corsican villages. Families gather there and meet elders, share secret family recipe and recollect children’s memories and anecdotes.
It is indeed, at that time of the year that you can truly taste the Corsican culture and gastronomy… Canistrelli, frappe, brocciu, fiadone, figatelli, prizuttu, pulenta, clementines…
The best of what Corsica has to offer is to be found on your table, and do not forget “u piattu di u puvarettu”, the poor man’s dish, another cover at the Christmas table for anyone in needs who comes to your door, Corsican hospitality is not a myth…

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