An Old Friend

After the village Piccovaggia, on the road to Palombaggia beach, hiden inisde the corsican maquis, the Résidence Les Oliviers de Palombaggia welcomes invariably, every day, an old friend.

He was here from the start, at every steps we made, for each new villa…

And today, he is our only witness of our last renovation : the new Pool Suites.

All year, he is playing with the trees, parfuming the air. He gives a voice to each of our villas and makes them talk, he knows all their outlines. The Wind delivers, every day, at very season, to each of our villas, to each of our guests, his melodies.

Every corsican people learn to live with him. How to read him, to feel him, knowing if he will be helpfull today or not.

The wind draws Corsica island and exposes for our best pleasure its true beauty and its secrets. He is responsible, in the same time, of the swell, the ocean current and of the sea level change at the cost. Palombaggia beach becomes one of this most beautifull masterpiece.

Belong the corsican costs, you will find different characters of the wind :
U LIBECCIO strong wind from West to South-West;
U MAESTRALE from North to North-West ;
A TRAMUNTANA from North to North-East, violent and cold wind;
U LEVANTE from East;
U GRECALE from East to North-East;
U SIROCCO from South to South-East, hot and humid wind.

The wind is his own Master. In the same time past, present and futur, he guides us, he told us about Corsica History, l’ïle de beauté.